The Chiropractic Clinic



Your first visit to the Chiropractic Clinic will begin with a consultation process. This is an opportunity to explain what is causing your pain/discomfort and to discuss any relevant information or medical history.


A full physical examination will then be made including the appropriate orthopedic, neurological and range of motion assessments.  Should an x-ray examination or MRI scan be clinically indicated, these can be arranged for a later date, off-site. These procedures do incur an additional fee.


When all the essential information has been processed you will be given a verbal report of the findings and any recommended treatment solutions.  You will have time to ask any questions you have or raise any concerns.


You are welcome to consider your options before undertaking any treatment and have no obligation to continuing chiropractic care at any time.


Medical information can be shared with your GP or other consultant but only with your express permission.  All your personal details remain confidential and you can be assured of our absolute discretion at all times.